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Fire-Based Cremation

This type of cremation uses flame and heat to reduce the body to bone fragments, otherwise known as cremated remains. This process is completed with a machine called a cremator. Flame based cremation is the most common type of cremation available. It is available in all 50 states and U.S. territories.

Water-Based Cremation

This type of cremation uses a water-based process to reduce the body to bone fragments with water, alkaline chemicals, heat, agitation and pressure to accelerate the natural decomposition process. The bone fragments are more specifically referred to as hydrolized remains but you can still call them cremated remains. Water based cremation uses one-seventh of the energy it takes to complete a flame based cremation. It is currently available in 19 states and is under consideration in other states.

What Our Customers Say

Summer S.
Reviewed in 2018
Beth took the very best care of our son and handled us with the care and concern of a close friend.
Denise G.
Reviewed in 2020
The service they provide is excellent and they work hard to please your every need.
Stephen S.
Reviewed in 2020
Every one at Price-Helton are so professional with a warm and caring side that’ll put you at ease right off the bat.
John F.
Reviewed in 2020
Price-Helton handled everything perfectly. Thank you!
Amanda L.
Reviewed in 2018
Bob was incredible to our family, and the cost for infant services made it less of a financial hardship for our family.
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