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We Make One of Life’s Most Difficult Moments Easier

The passing of a loved one is a powerful reminder of how precious life can be. It is a moment to reflect and celebrate life.

Because of this, we at Price-Helton Funeral Home make every effort to provide you with the best affordable funeral home services. We provide well-planned funerals so grieving families can find closure and meaningful remembrance of their departed loved ones.

A Convenient and Seamless Process

Those looking for a local funeral home shouldn’t deal with the hassles of preparing funeral arrangements during this tough time. At Price Helton Funeral Home, we ensure that the process of making funeral arrangements is convenient for each client. Everything begins online, where you choose your preferred services. Pick all the options that coincide with your faith and cultural traditions.

After you have selected everything you need, our staff will take care of everything else. Our funeral directors and staff will walk you through each step. Our team will carry out all the arrangements, including transporting the remains of your loved one, preparations for rites and ceremonies and organizing viewings and memorial services.

Burial Services

Many families looking for a funeral home prefer traditional burials. Because of this, we offer a wide range of burial service options. In addition, you can customize all the arrangements to honor your dearly beloved, respecting their wishes.

Traditional burial proceedings usually begin with a funeral service, viewing and visitation. Finally, the entombment or burial of the deceased is preceded by a graveside service.

You can choose to have funeral services held at a chapel or other location. At the conclusion of the visitation and viewing, services will be followed by an above-ground or underground burial.

Our funeral directors at Price-Helton Funeral Home will meet with you to gather all the pertinent information. We take every measure to ensure that the ceremonies, decorations and other funeral arrangements meet your expectations.

We commit to providing you with top-notch funeral services and staying within your allotted budget. To this end, we offer outstanding burial packages to suit your needs and help to reduce your financial burden. Click here to learn more about our burial services.

Immediate Burial

This service includes casket delivery at your selected cemetery. There will be no public viewing or other ceremonies. Additional services, such as a graveside ceremony, can be accommodated upon request.

Graveside Ceremony without Viewing

We can arrange a graveside ceremony without public viewing. This includes the transfer of the remains to the cemetery and essential services provided by our funeral director and staff.

Graveside Ceremony with Viewing

Our team can arrange a graveside ceremony, including a eulogy, prayers, songs and readings. The rites and ceremonies at the graveside service will depend on what family members have chosen to include. A public viewing usually precedes the graveside ceremony.

Funeral Ceremony with Same-Day Viewing

This service includes all services in a traditional funeral. It begins with public visitation and viewing, followed by standard funeral rites and services. The music, decorations, lighting and other arrangements will be provided as requested by family members.

Cremation Services

More people today looking for a funeral home choose cremation rather than a traditional burial due to lower costs and convenience. Over half of the people in the United States opt for cremation instead of a standard burial. In some areas, such as Washington State, over 75 percent of locals choose cremation as a funeral service.

We provide a wide range of cremation service options at Price-Helton Funeral Home. Our cremation offerings include services rendered by funeral directors and our staff, transfer of the deceased’s remains and other necessary preparations. Click here to learn more about our cremation services.

We offer the following cremation packages:

Terramation Services

We also offer natural organic reduction or terramation services, best suited for families who prefer eco-conscious funerals. This process transforms human remains into natural soil. Click here to learn more about our terramation services.

We provide the following packages to our clients:

A Tradition of Compassionate Service

At Price Helton Funeral Home, we strive to provide affordable funeral and cremation services. We are here for you during one of life’s most difficult moments. Call today, and our funeral directors will be happy to answer your questions and provide a quote.

What Our Customers Say

Lauren V.
Reviewed in 2024
Simply put, they were wonderful at Price-Helton. They are highly responsive and communicated extremely well. They are caring, and go above and beyond to ensure your needs and wishes are met.
Kamber D.
Reviewed in 2024
The staff at Price-Helton Funeral Home were very kind and gentle throughout the entire process. I really appreciate the way they handled our family’s loss. I highly recommend their services.
Reviewed in 2024
Very kind people and they made it easier on us by fully explaining the whole process. The office environment was calm and peaceful. Easy FIVE star rating.
Theresa H.
Our experience with Price-Helton was excellent. They went the extra mile to follow up on various actions, and give us status each step of the way. Highly recommend them.
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