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Water Based Cremation

At Price-Helton Funeral Home, we’re committed to offering our clients the latest innovations in funeral services. We’re happy to introduce our new water-based cremation option to our clients. Universities, scientific industries and funeral homes have used this technology for human remains for over two decades. Because of its numerous advantages, this cremation process has grown in popularity among bereaved families in the modern era. So what is water cremation? Read on to learn more.

Water Cremation: How Does Alkaline Hydrolysis Work?

Water-based cremation is also known as alkaline hydrolysis or aquamation. The water cremation process utilizes water, temperature and pressure to break down the body of a deceased person. It’s just like nature’s process when a body rests in the soil. This process happens in a specially designed chamber that can handle high-pressure situations.

First, the body goes in a stainless steel chamber. The chamber fills with a solution of 95% water and 5% potassium hydroxide. The solution heats to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

The body then breaks down into its fundamental chemical components. The timeline of cremation by water varies between 6-8 hours or 18-20 hours (depending on the temperature of the machinery) after which only the bones remain. It is mild on the final mineral remains, allowing for more ash at the end of the process. This ash returns to the family.

Benefits of Water Cremation Services

Water-based cremation has numerous advantages, including environmental friendliness. Traditional cremation methods produce large amounts of carbon emissions and harmful pollutants. Water-based cremation produces significantly less pollution and is better for the environment. Water cremation costs much less than a traditional burial.

Water-based cremation does not require a casket or embalming, which can reduce the cost of a funeral. It is an option for families looking to save money while providing a dignified final goodbye to their loved one.

Water-Based Cremation Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ section dedicated to Water Based Cremation. Below, we answer some common questions about this innovative and environmentally friendly cremation process.

Does the Family Receive an Urn?

Yes, we provide a wide selection of urns for families to select, including biodegradable choices. As with traditional cremation, the family can receive the ashes in an urn and scatter them in a preferred location.

Can the Family Still Have a Viewing?

Absolutely. A viewing is still possible with water cremation, just like it is with traditional cremation. Depending on the family’s wishes, it can also be done with or without embalming. At Price-Helton Funeral Home, we understand that family viewing is essential to a loved one’s cremation. That is why we provide a water-based cremation service that allows families to have a viewing. The family viewing takes place before the water-based cremation process, and we make all necessary arrangements to ensure the family has a private, dignified and meaningful experience. Our team is available to assist with any queries regarding the viewing and guide families through the process of the water-based cremation service. We hope to provide a caring and understanding setting so the family can grieve their loss and commemorate their loved one’s memory.

How Long Does the Water Cremation Process Take?

The process typically takes around 6-8 hours, but it can take as long as 18 hours depending on the size and weight of the deceased and the temperature of the machinery when used.

What Can Be Done With the Ashes?

After the water-based cremation procedure, the residual ash is carefully collected and returned to the family. There are numerous alternatives for what to do with the ashes depending on your preferences and beliefs. Some people scatter the ashes in a meaningful location, such as a favorite beach or mountain trail. Others keep the ashes in a decorative urn or bury them in a family plot. Our staff can help you select the finest way to honor your loved one’s life, whether it’s by scattering, burial or another method.

Additionally, there are unique options for those who choose water-based cremation. For those who were passionate about marine life or the ocean, their ashes can be turned into a coral reef through an organization like Eternal Reefs. The reef goes into the water to become a new habitat for fish and other marine species. This is a lovely way to give back to the environment while also honoring a loved one uniquely.

Arrange Now if a Death Has Occurred or Is Near

At Price-Helton Funeral Home, we believe everyone should have access to a funeral service that suits their beliefs and values. We’re proud to offer water-based cremation services to meet changing needs and expectations. Contact us so we can help you with the arrangements and make things easy at this time of bereavement.

Respectful and Meaningful Water-Based Cremation Services

At Price-Helton Funeral Home, we understand the importance of honoring and celebrating the life of those who have passed. We are committed to providing respectful and meaningful end-of-life services, including cremation water burial.

Your loved ones deserve the utmost respect and care. That’s why we are proud to offer our water-based cremation service. With this process, we ensure that the memory of your loved one gets preserved in a gentle, peaceful and dignified way. With our water-based cremation service, you’re also conserving our environment. We ensure your loved one’s memory is cherished and honored. Contact us today to learn more about our water-based cremation service and give your loved one the goodbye they deserve.

Selecting the right place for that experience to take place is important. You’ll find our funeral home to be warm, inviting and adaptable to most families’ wishes and needs. We’re at your service. Please call, email, or submit our contact form anytime.

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The staff at Price-Helton Funeral Home were very kind and gentle throughout the entire process. I really appreciate the way they handled our family’s loss. I highly recommend their services.
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