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Auburn Cremation Services

Price-Helton Funeral Home strives to provide the community with a safe and comfortable environment to bid loved ones a final farewell and make the process as stress-free as possible. Our Auburn cremation service and qualified specialists are always available to guide families through every step of their loved one’s final arrangements.

We have experience serving families of all religions, social and economic backgrounds and treat everyone as a part of our family.

Choosing cremation is a very personal decision that requires a lot of thought and input. Everything from the container for the cremation, the urn and other personal keepsakes come into play. We understand how confusing this time can be, especially when striving to make the process as stress-free and accommodating as possible to all loved ones.

Honoring the life of a loved one is an emotional experience for everyone. Finding the right place for the cremation experience is important. Our Auburn cremation home is warm, inviting and adaptable to meet every family’s wishes and needs.

At Price-Helton Funeral Home, we believe we can make cremation services Auburn simple and manageable.

Easy Online Arrangements

Our technical team designed a user-friendly online platform that allows clients to navigate the online application process seamlessly from their homes. We understand how emotionally taxing this time can be for everyone. We streamlined the online application process into manageable steps, alleviating the stress while allowing for more time and space to grieve and make other arrangements.

To better serve all families in Auburn, Price-Helton Funeral Home offers an online arrangements portal that’s available 24 hours a day. This allows families to make cremation arrangements online while eliminating long appointments, stress and travel.

Our compassionate providers also aid and guide friends and families through the planning process, allowing each family to decide how to see off a loved one.

Fire-Based Cremation

Our fire-based cremation process transcends generations as it carries with it a profound sense of respect and tradition. We understand how important some families value these rituals and provide the fire-based cremation service to give their loved ones a dignified farewell.

Honoring a loved one’s journey requires that we offer them and their loved ones a respectful approach that echoes time-honored practices, including fire-based cremation. Our knowledgeable team ensures your loved one has a dignified and honorable final journey. We guide our clients through the fire-based cremation process with professionalism, empathy and attention to detail. This allows for more control over seeing off a loved one for the last time.

Step One: Contact Us for More Information

We understand the pain of losing a loved one, the grief associated with it and the confusion that accompanies this time. Grief suddenly feels like an insurmountable mountain with many obstacles and no possible solution. We’re here to help. Whenever you’re ready, contact us at 253-883-1165 to listen to ideas, answer questions and ease worries.

Our empathic and knowledgeable team is always on standby and ready to provide any information you need for the cremation journey. We dedicate our time to addressing our clients’ concerns professionally and warmly, and genuinely care about helping clients deal with the death and grieving process.

Step Two: Complete the Necessary Documents

Amidst the emotional turbulence and confusion, administrative and legal tasks can feel burdensome. Families can easily forget to sign a document or collect a file, delaying the cremation proceedings.

Our compassionate team recognizes this and remains committed to guiding clients through the necessary paperwork with care. We also understand that these documents can be confusing and complex because you don’t come across them too often.

We’re here to assist and offer guidance every step of the way. We shoulder this burden so you can focus on what truly matters — commemorating the life and legacy of a loved one. Let us handle the legal and administrative paperwork to ensure everything is in order.

Step Three: Register Your Cremation Preplans

Our cremation service in Auburn eliminates unneeded stress and frees you from mak
ing important decisions at this difficult time. Our cremation preplans and registration processes allow our clients to document their preferences and wishes securely as we honor them with dignity and respect.

Emotions can easily overwhelm family members who have lost a loved one. Our years of experience show us a better way to help family members plan ahead of time for their loved one’s end-of-life service.

Clients can also enroll in our cremation preplan to protect their families from the funeral and cremation planning processes. Pre-paying to our cremations Auburn also locks in the price paid forever. Taking this step provides families of the deceased with the reassurance that they will be fulfilling the desires of their loved ones when the time arrives, lessening the emotional weight they may bear.

Our online planning technology allows clients to select their desired cremation and funeral services at the time of making the preplan and in the future. We store our client’s wishes safely and in confidence for easy reference when the time comes to arrange their cremation service.

Death may also occur in the family when a loved one is away from home. Our Travel Protection Plan protects you and your family by ensuring you never have to pay unexpected costs when a loved one passes.

Step Four: We’ll Be Here When You Need Us

We stand as a pillar of support, ready to assist whenever called upon. Whether you need immediate assistance or a comforting shoulder, our team will be your rock during this challenging time. You’re not alone; Price-Helton Funeral Home walks with you every step of the way. We will be here when you need us.

Mourning is a dynamic process for everyone. We all grieve our loved ones in our own way. Our dedication to our clients’ well-being makes everyone a part of our family and community. We will continue to support you and your family during this trying time and offer grief counseling and other supportive services to help you.

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a href=”https://priceheltonfuneralhome.com”>Price-Helton Funeral Home believes that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot to get the very best. Honoring the life of your loved one is an emotional and personal experience. Selecting the right place for that experience to take place is important. You’ll find our funeral home to be warm, inviting and adaptable to most families’ wishes and needs. We’re at your service. Please call, email, or submit our contact form anytime.

What Our Customers Say

Lauren V.
Reviewed in 2024
Simply put, they were wonderful at Price-Helton. They are highly responsive and communicated extremely well. They are caring, and go above and beyond to ensure your needs and wishes are met.
Kamber D.
Reviewed in 2024
The staff at Price-Helton Funeral Home were very kind and gentle throughout the entire process. I really appreciate the way they handled our family’s loss. I highly recommend their services.
Reviewed in 2024
Very kind people and they made it easier on us by fully explaining the whole process. The office environment was calm and peaceful. Easy FIVE star rating.
Theresa H.
Our experience with Price-Helton was excellent. They went the extra mile to follow up on various actions, and give us status each step of the way. Highly recommend them.
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