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Losing a loved one is never easy. It’s one of the most painful and devastating moments we will ever experience. But while it’s hard to say goodbye to a family member, close relative, or dear friend, it is an inevitable part of life. It falls on those who are left to hold a meaningful funeral service to honor the life of their loved ones.

Price-Helton Funeral Home can help you make arrangements for a loved one or plan for the foreseeable future. We are a full-service funeral home serving Northeast Tacoma, WA, serving and the surrounding areas. Our kind, friendly, and compassionate staff helps families finalize funeral arrangements, making the process as smooth and easy as possible.

We are an attentive and comprehensive funeral home and we will be happy to help you plan and customize our services according to your preferences so that you can focus on healing with your family and friends.

We organize traditional burial and funeral services for clients who find comfort in their familiarity. Our agents will sit with you and your family, if you wish, to get everyone’s input and preferences. We have highly-trained and experienced funeral attendants who can offer sound ideas should you need them. More importantly, our team carries out your choices, especially if they were requested by the departed.

As your funeral home in Tacoma, WA,
we can offer you the following packages:

Funeral Ceremony with Same-Day Viewing

A conventional burial or entombment usually follows a traditional funeral service attended by the departed’s family and friends. We provide the facilities for the ceremony, public viewing, and visitation, which will be held the day before at a funeral home.

Graveside Ceremony with Same-Day Viewing

This package is an excellent alternative to holding a public viewing in a funeral home in Northeast Tacoma, WA. We can arrange the viewing at the gravesite immediately before the burial ceremony. 

Simple Graveside Ceremony without Viewing

Should you decide to take charge of planning the service at a funeral home near you, we can take care of the graveside ceremony to lessen your load. This is ideal for private burials attended only by the deceased’s closest family and friends.

Immediate Burial

We offer this package to clients who need assistance delivering the casket at the burial site. The simplest of our packages, immediate burial is ideal if there is no public attendance or your existing arrangements don’t include a hearse service to the cemetery.

An increasing number of families prefer cremation over traditional burials. Our funeral home in Northeast Tacoma can provide the services you need if you count yourself among them.

We run our own crematory at Price-Helton Funeral Home and operate seven days a week. Since we only attend to our clients, we complete our work faster than other funeral parlors that depend on third-party crematories. We finish in days what others do in weeks.

We offer flame-based and water-based cremation for these four packages:

Funeral Ceremony Followed by Cremation

We offer a comfortably-furnished funeral parlor at our facility for your use. This package includes public viewing and a ceremony the day before the cremation. If you wish to have the ceremony at another facility, we can provide vehicles at an additional cost.

Cremation Followed by Memorial Ceremony

We offer an alternative package if you plan to hold the public viewing and visitation at another venue. Price-Helton can perform cremation immediately after the gathering, then host a memorial ceremony at our facility once the cremation is done.

Simple Goodbye Cremation

This is the best package for you if you prefer an intimate gathering with your closest family and friends immediately before the cremation. 

Direct Cremation

We offer a basic cremation service without public viewing or memorial ceremony. It is ideal for families wanting to hold memorial ceremonies or interment outside of Washington state.

The Funeral Home in Northeast Tacoma That Cares For You

Price-Helton Funeral Home helps bereaved families cope with losing a loved one by providing the best possible funeral services in Northeast Tacoma. We ensure that your preferences or the deceased’s wishes are carried out perfectly. You can leave much of the work to our staff so you can have time and space to grieve with the people you love.

Make the most of having Price-Helton Funeral Home near you. Contact us to make funeral arrangements, and our kind funeral assistants will walk you through the rest of the process. We are available 24/7 via phone or email. Call 253-833-1165 or fill out our contact form.

What Our Customers Say

Summer S.
Reviewed in 2018
Beth took the very best care of our son and handled us with the care and concern of a close friend.
Denise G.
Reviewed in 2020
The service they provide is excellent and they work hard to please your every need.
Stephen S.
Reviewed in 2020
Every one at Price-Helton are so professional with a warm and caring side that’ll put you at ease right off the bat.
John F.
Reviewed in 2020
Price-Helton handled everything perfectly. Thank you!
Amanda L.
Reviewed in 2018
Bob was incredible to our family, and the cost for infant services made it less of a financial hardship for our family.
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